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August 2017

We have two beautiful new sculptures from Susan Leyland.  Andy and André are two special pieces selected for Norton Way Gallery from her Petit Roi series. Each piece is unique and to date only six exist.

Internationally acclaimed for her beautiful equestrian sculpture, Susan was in the country for the launch and celebratory unveiling of her maquette for the first National War Horse memorial. The full-scale, larger than life size, monument will be unveiled in 2018 and situated at Ascot, next to the famous racecourse and close to the Queen’s home at Windsor Castle.

“The War Horse Memorial will be the first national memorial dedicated to the millions of UK, Allied and Commonwealth horses, donkeys and mules lost during The Great War. It will pay tribute to the nobility, courage, unyielding loyalty and immeasurable contribution these animals played in giving us the freedom of democracy we all enjoy today, and will signify the last time the horse would be used on a mass scale in modern warfare.” – The War Horse Memorial.

Susan’s poignant epitaph was recently published in the Express and beautiful encapsulates her dedication and heart felt commitment to both this sculpture and the horse.

The War Horse Who Returned
by Susan Leyland
From this peaceful land
To Hellfire we were sent.
Bomb blasts, shellfire and barbed wire,
Explosions, fearful gas and groans,
Lay man and beast wrenched and maimed. On foreign soil last breaths exhaled.
Through horror, fear and pain
Knee-deep mud, cold and rain
We heaved and pulled
With little to sustain.
We don’t feel like heroes,
Though heroic tasks were done.
We knew it was our duty
To get the battle won.
I am home again at last.
My legs are swollen and my body weak,
My skin and cuts are healing
But I cannot forget.
So here in silence with lowered head,
Above battlefield remnants and letters of love
I stand to honour for ever
The memory of all who came not home.






Susan Leyland , Contemporary Art

The Petit Roi
Susan Leyland