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51 Norton Way North,
Letchworth Garden City
United Kingdom

Contact by Telephone: +44 (0)1462 685139 or
Email us at: info@nortonwaygallery.com

Opening Times:
Monday 11am -5pm
Tuesday, 11am - 5pm
Thursday 11am - 5pm
Friday - 11am - 5pm
Saturday - 11am - 5pm

Framing and Other.

Garden City Framing

This surperb local framer offers a service of high quality and prompt completion.
Her wealth of experience and broad range of mounts and mouldings make her a excellent choice for any framing requirements.

Expressive Art

This genial and high quality framing service, specializes in original and irregular mount cutting
Together with an extensive range of mouldings they offer an exciting and contemporary approach for exhibiting works of art and precious memorabilia.


Kendal Framing

Established in 1978 and formerly known as Millstone Artisan, Kendal Framing offers a professional bespoke framing service with a wonderful collection of mounts and mouldings. Kendals also offer an expert funiture restoration service.


The Rosewood Studio

Bespoke framing studio in Cambridgeshire.The Rosewood Studio uses a combination of top quality materials with beautiful hand finishes to produce individual pieces for each customer.

The Letchworth Settlement

The Letchworth Settlement is an independent adult education centre. They offer an excellent and diverse selection of arts related activities.

June 2012
Altazar Rossiter

The Wisdom of the Heart, Workshops.
" Most of us on a conscious path are well aware of the need for support as we find our way through the maze of our own conditioning and the inner conflict this stirs up. The absence of effective support can mean that we feel trapped by our patterns, even when we can see them clearly. The Wisdom of the Heart workshops address that lack, providing a powerful resource for unravelling and dissolving the programming." - Altazar Rossiter.


The Letchworth Arts Center

The Letchworth Arts Centre offers exciting exhibitions, live shows and arts-related courses, for children and adults, which are presented in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


La Concha Wine Bar

La Concha is a small, friendly, family run wine bar.
They offer excellent tapas, quality wines and a super place to lunch when you visit Norton Way Gallery.



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Letchworth Festival

Letchworth Garden City Festival.
Friday 10th till Sunday 26th June

Norton Way Gallery
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