Stuart Anderson

Stuart Anderson studied at the Winchester School of Art and the Royal College of Art. He works in clay or wax and casts his own bronzes using the lost wax process.
In his work he aims to convey the vitality of the living body (animal or human) in strong sculptural forms.
In addition to studies of animals and the human figure, he has always explored, in a more subjective way, the idea of ‘the horse’ in its fiery intensity.

He uses the clay in a freer way, with broken outlines and echoing forms, to create a visual energy and elemental aspect.
The horse is a metaphor for the forces of nature, in all its power and beauty, but also in its vulnerability and ambivalent relationship with humanity.

“I deeply admire the sensitivity of Classical Greek and Italian Rennaissance sculpture, the raw dynamism and inventiveness of the Baroque, and the vivid, flowing paintings of Delacroix and Gericault.” Stuart Anderson

Curled Figure by Stuart Anderson