Lemons with Water Jug
Two Coxes

Chinese Dish with Oranges

Oil on linen
Tromp l’oeil Detail
7″ x 10″

Anne Songhurst: Anne Songhurst is a self-taught artist, who has developed her incredible skill and talent from observing the work of the great Dutch and Flemish Still Life Masters

“I am not seeking to achieve photo-realism………….. My aim is to record what I see as accurately as I can, and also to convey an atmosphere of stillness, and a timeless quality that develops with many days or weeks of close observation.” – Anne Songhurst


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Anne Songhurst Art at Norton Way Gallery Hertfordshire. This beautiful oil painting is an original artwork by British artist Anne Songhurst. It is a still life painting, depicting four oranges, a small dish and a knife. Both the knife and orange peel are partly painted in a tromp l'oeil style.

Chinese Dish with Oranges