Fox Nest

Turrets and Cabbages

Block Print 8/50
16 ” x 17″

Flora McLachlan: Flora McLachlan creates original prints of mystery, intrigue and high quality. Each original etching is first composed as a drawing and then translated to a copper plate.

The process is highly complex and skilled. To best appreciate these pieces it is advisable to research artists’ printmaking. Each unique artist’s print is an original Flora McLachlan work of art.

This piece is offered unframed but framing can be arranged for you.

(Deposit: £75)

** Free UK Shipping on orders over £200 **

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Flora McLachlan at Norton Way Gallery, Hertfordshire. This original artwork by British artist, Flora McLachlan is an original artist's Block Print. It depicts a semi abstract magical and narrative landscape. It portrays a building with turrete, trees, hill and geese.

Turrets and Cabbages

(Deposit: £75)