Short-eared Owl

Oolitic Bird

8″ x 4″ x 6.5″
Ancaster Weatherbed Limestone

This wonderful creation from Jennifer Tetlow is carved from an oolitic limestone (hence the name). This a sedimentary rock formed from ooids (spherical grains) bound together with calcium carbonate. The characteristic of this formation is reflected in the spherical design and shape of the sculpture. As with most Jennifer Tetlow sculpture, this piece can be enjoyed in the home or garden!

Wooden plinth not included.


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Jennifer Tetlow: This beautiful stone carving, sculpture by Jennifer Tetlow represents a lsymbolic sperically designed bird. Each piece of Jennifer Tetlow sculpture is individually carverd from, this one from an oolitic limestone.It is exhibited at Norton Way Gallery Hertfordshire.

Oolitic Bird