Marigold Mountain

Autumn Vines

19″ x 24″

This beautiful etching from Phil Greenwood RE, is wonderful example of an artist’s Fine Art, Original Print.

Phil Greenwood’s wonderfully atmospheric landscapes, start life as a copper plate. In the traditional etching method, he then applies a layer of wax-resist. Once this has hardened he is able to create an image made of line and mark-making, based on a carefully composed drawing. He does this with specially created print-maker tools and other sharp objects. The plate is placed in an acid bath and the “bite” (line image) is formed. Coloured ink is applied to the plate and damp paper laid upon it. This is then pulled through a large press, producing a mirrored image on the paper. The ink process can be repeated to layer other colours.


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Etching and Aquatint by Phil Greenwood at Norton Way Gallery, Hertfordshire

Autumn Vines