Orange and Pink Tagua Earrings
Yellow and Purple Tagua Earrings

Purple and Green Tagua Necklace

Purple, Green and Yellow Tagua,

This stunning asymmetrical necklace from Sarah Cain, is a luxurious combination of large and medium beads. It is an array of warm and textured shapes and muted colours, created from  Purple, Green and Yellow Tagua, Green Agate, Magnetic Hematite and Stirling Silver. Norton Way Gallery presentation box included.
Earrings are sold separately.

The Tagua nut is a seed from a palm tree, that mainly grows in the northern part of South America. It is universally known as “Vegetable Ivory”.

Please note that Magnetic Hematite is not recommended during pregnancy, or for people with electronic, medical devices, including Pacemakers.


(Deposit: £15)

** Free UK Shipping on orders over £200 **

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Sarh Cain Art Jewellery at Norton Way Gallery, Hertfordshire. This beautiful combination of Tagua slices and semiprecious stone necklace is handmade by Sarah Cain.

Purple and Green Tagua Necklace

(Deposit: £15)