Clive Meredith

Clive Meredith at Norton Way Gallery Hertfordshire. Beautiful, original oil and gold leaf botanical painting.

Clive was born the son of a dairy farmer, in Shropshire, in 1964, and inherited his family love of the outdoors and the natural world. He matured as a self-taught artist, specialising in traditional, representational images of wildlife, in pencil and oil paint. He quickly gained representation from a major art publisher and enjoyed over twenty years of worldwide recognition and success through them. However, a chance encounter led to a distinct change in his work and path.

In 2017, whilst travelling in the Far East, Clive was introduced to a Master-Goldsmith, working for the Thai royal household in Bangkok. It was this Goldsmith who ignited a passion for, and taught him, the foundations of working with gold leaf.

Inspired by this he became highly influenced by classic and traditional uses of gold leaf. This lead him to develop his own unique approach, incorporating precious metal leaf into his botanical and wildlife works. Clive is now represented through renowned independent galleries, and is widely exhibited both in the UK and overseas.

Miniature Rose And Honey Bee By Clive Meredith