Morna Rhys

Morna Rhys Artist

Morna’s childhood environment of Cornwall is often still heavily present in the essence of her work. Beautiful rolling landscapes and secretive silent coves are skillfully portrayed through the medium of etching. The liberty and intrigue of nature and land seep through her mysterious compositions and colours.

Having originally graduated in sculpture, from St Martins School of Art, she later devoted her self to printmaking and joined the Oxford Printer-makers in 1995. Although inspired mostly by nature her sculptural influence can still be seen through the way she emphasizes the patterns and structures occurring in the world around us.

Working from drawings and paintings made on site the images are later transferred to copper or zinc plates, using ferric or nitric acid and an array of sharp implements. All colour is applied and created during the printing process. As Morna Rhys often prints two plates simultaneously colour overlaps produce visually unique pieces exuding vibrant spontaneity.

Shining Waters by Morna Rhys